Pot Lovers CLub of Vernon

This web page is designed for people in local communities to get together. admin@oceansprout.com to get on our order form or ask a question. We are part of an environmental group as well. So all your donations go towards creating fish habitat and natural water purifiers for our planet. Enjoy!!

Best weed in Vernon BC!

Open seven days a week. 8:15am to 8:30pm in Vernon and Vancouver. These are our current strains. We deliver in Vancouver and Vernon or mail out to anywhere in Canada. You wont find anything stronger or smoother. JUST BRING ID and your served!

We are on 30th Ave right beside UPS. 3106 30th Ave Vernon . We have wood and paper posts on our windows!

We have had the top rating in several large dispensary chains in the Vancouver area for years. Now we deliver to you directly or mail order. Pricing at $220 for 30 gram packages. Free delivery

We are now excepting patient registration. We have organic shatter and buds at the shop. We also carry pot and poppy seeds for growing and eating. sWe will find you a doctor but we will hook you up right away no worries and we have 7-8 dollar grams!.

Email or e-transfer to admin@oceansprout.com if your making an order.

Take a good look. Organic is better and we really have the best methods and strains. They just get better as we develop them naturally. We are discrete in our mailing and with your first order we send a free eye cream.

All of these strains will form juicy resins once lit and they form right after the first puff . Enjoy the love!

Organic Cream Chocolate 24 percent THC . Smooth indica hybrid that tastes delicious and will mellow you out .Juicy joints.

skunk1 cross chocolate kush cross Hawaiian grapefruit Bubba

Organic Orange Dream 26 percent THC . Smooth sativa hybrid that will get you going. Very strong. Mouth coated in hash.

98 Bubba cross original purple Haze cross original rock star

Organic BlueBerry Orange Cheese Cake 23 percent THC . Lovely flavoured and strong. Creamy smooth with a peppermint orange creamy flavour, juicy. Very blue berry fragrant.

Blue Cheese cross Organic Organic Dream

Organic Purple sticky monster 26 percent THC . Amazing indica that will knock your socks off in flavour and strength. All organic and layers of crystal.

northern lights 5 cross blueberry Jam cross Romulan

Organic Pre 98 Bubba 25 percent THC . Really nice fruity flavour with a strong kick . Night time relief. Indica

Organic Super Concentrated 99 percent THC all organic tincture 99 percent THC . This product takes alot of time and is limited in supply so this is for cancer patients only. Taken orally for best results. Its a mix of all the buds we have into an organic super concentrate. Nothing better anywhere. Whole molecule organic extraction. $40gr

Organic Super Blue Berry Opium Poppy Seeds. This makes a great back pain tea and great in muffins. Blue berry flavoured gum and high potency.

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